Botox as well as dermal fillers like restylane are employed by a number of Coventry cosmetic dentists for facial renewing procedures in order to provide a non-invasive facial makeover.

Botox works wonders for erasing crows feet and lines on the forehead, while dermal fillers are often availed of to deal with intense smile lines, cheek contour depressions, facial scars, and smokers lines about the lips. Besides, dermal fillers also do a good job in making lips appear more full and in plumping them up.

Botox is a bacterial toxin that is quite safe to use and when facial muscles are injected with a tiny quantity of botox, they tend to relax and, in addition, the wrinkles that are produced on account of the movement of the facial muscles are smoothened out.

The procedure, which lasts for around ten minutes, is quite painless. Since your body breaks down the botox, it is necessary to take botox injections, every couple of months, from your dentist in Coventry.

Dermal fillers like restylane contain a hyaluronic acid that is degradable and which appears like a transparent gel. When this gel-like dermal fillers is injected into your skin, it helps to build volume, iron out wrinkles and make lips appear fuller. Further, dermal fillers also have to be taken on a regular basis on account of its degradable nature.

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