The majority of dental restorative procedures will necessitate you calling on your Coventry dentist more than once. This indicates that on your first appointment, your Coventry dentist gives you anesthesia, prepares your tooth, takes an impression of them, and places a provisional restoration on your tooth.

After a few weeks, you pay a second visit where you again are given an injection, the provisional restoration is taken out and a permanent restoration is fixed. Sirona Dental Systems’ CEREC is the world’s sole system for the making of all dental restorations (ceramic) in just one visit to the Coventry dentist. If your Coventry dentist has access to CEREC technology, then you can, in just one visit, be fitted with a long-term, totally ceramic crown, veneer or onlay! What this signifies to you, as a patient is that there are a lesser number of injections, not much drilling, and far less time taken from your busy schedule for dental treatment.

When it comes to CEREC treatments, the Coventry dentist will carry out tooth preparation much like the way he would in the case of a veneer or a crown. But rather than making a mould of your tooth with “dental putty” he takes a visual impression of your tooth with a camera.

Now this digital impression then is made into a computerized image of the tooth that the Coventry dentist fine-tunes by availing of CEREC 3D software. When the Coventry dentist expresses satisfaction with the digital model, the data is forwarded to an on-site milling machine, which fabricates your restoration from a block of ceramic in about thirty minutes. Then the restoration created is ready to be fixed.

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