Dental caps or crowns are restorations that completely envelop the tooth’s external surface similar to a glove. Now dental crowns are made use of to reconstruct chipped or badly damaged teeth, fortify teeth and help enhance aesthetic appearance. The Coventry dentist can create dental crowns from metals (like gold), ceramic or porcelain.

However, you should not look at a dental crown as your initial treatment option merely to give your teeth a better cosmetic appearance, since the Coventry dentist is required to chip away a considerable part of your original tooth. Once you seek the advice of your Coventry dentist, he will suggest to you the restorative treatment that suits you best.

Dental bonding or veneers are some of the less invasive options available. Dental crowns are needed at such times when the tooth is no longer strong enough to prop up the restoration since dental bonding and veneers restorations are merely as tough as the tooth holding them up.

The procedure

The Coventry dentist, in the first place, will eliminate any rot present and then, after administering local anesthesia, will grind your tooth to make it assume the right shape. Generally, the tooth takes on a tapered shape to permit the dental crown to easily glide over and onto your tooth. Next, the Coventry dentist makes a mould or impression of your tooth by making use of “dental putty” and this is subsequently dispatched to your area Coventry dental laboratory, where the dental crown is made to fit your tooth perfectly. It can take nearly three weeks for the process to be fully completed. For the duration of this period, a temporary dental crown made by your Coventry dentist will be given to you to wear. In case your Coventry dental center possesses CEREC technology, then it is possible to make a porcelain dental crown there itself and inside of an hour and fitted during the same appointment.

Once the dental crown has been made, your Coventry dentist takes out the temporary dental crown and assesses whether the new crown offers the right fit, color tally and aesthetic effect prior to cementing the dental crown into place. A quality dental crown will survive for ten to fifteen years.

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