Damon smiles are more than straight teeth

This Brace System is a revolution of Fixed Braces and is the best system to give overall facial and teeth aesthetics.


  • Fast treatment times and fewer visits to the studio. As the braces are very lightwire forces held in self-ligating brackets, they allow the teeth to gently glide into position, and do not need tightening every 4-6 weeks. Appointments are every 10 week early on and then slightly more frequently towards the end of treatment.
  • No extractions in most cases. We only extract to match the facial profile, we do not extract if the teeth are crowded! Why extract healthy teeth if you do not need to.
  • Greater comfort without tightening. As the brackets are not held in with elastics, they are not tightened every few weeks and therefore they are much more comfortable and are a lot smaller compared to traditional fixed braces.
  • Easy to keep clean and better oral hygiene. As the braces are smaller, cleaning the braces is easier and better for your gums.
  • The Damon Braces work faster than Traditional Braces. The braces work faster as they move teeth by a much more gentle force, more biologically sensible forces than traditional braces. Very light “shape memory” titanium wire are used to gently guide your teeth to ideal positions.
  • 0% finance for 12 months or low-interest payment options are available to pay for your new improved facial and teeth alignment.
  • The Damon System Bracelift. This is the optimum way to improve your facial profile and give you a more youthful and supported facial appearance.
  • Damon Clear is the next big thing in the system and it is available at Coventry Dentists!
  • Experts in the Damon System having treated lots of patients in this system.
Damon Brackets
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