A dental bridge basically is a false tooth or a hollow crown and it is used as a replacement for missing teeth. Now this dental bridge is joined to the other two teeth around this gap, thus “bridging” them together.

Firstly, under local anesthesia, your Coventry dentist prepares the teeth located on both sides of the gap. A little portion of each of these two surrounding teeth is chipped away so as to create space for a brand new crown.

Then, your Coventry dentist will make a mould of the teeth by availing of “dental putty” and forwards this to the area Coventry dental laboratory, where the dental bridge and the crown will be fabricated. The Coventry dentist will fit you with a temporary dental bridge while the new dental bridge is being made.

When you next visit your Coventry doctor, he will take out the temporary dental bridge. The permanent new dental bridge will be assessed for fit, color tally and how your bite is affected by it. After the Coventry dentist expresses satisfaction with the restoration, he will then cement the new dental bridge to the teeth surrounding the gap.

Possible substitutes for dental bridges include dentures that are far from secure or dental implants that are far more durable but invasive. The life span of dental bridges is about ten years provided they are suitably taken care of.

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