A dental implant refers to a titanium post, which is fixed by means of surgery into your jawbone and merges with your bone structure to offer support for dentures, crowns or bridges. A complete row of dental implants can be made use of to produce a complete dental reconstruction. Well, there are quite a number of Coventry dentists, who focus on fixing dental implants. Now, it is thought to be the sole method that helps keep up the strength and stability of your jawbone and makes possible an exclusive restoration without causing any damage to the surrounding strong tooth tissues.

The procedure

Fixing of dental implants calls for the abilities of a veteran dental surgeon and therefore it is highly recommended that you conduct a reference-check of the dentist in Coventry, who offers dental implants as well as his knowledge in this area. Normally, dental implants are fixed under IV sedation and administration of local anesthesia but in certain cases, there may be a need for general anesthesia.

Now, the gum where precisely the dental implant is going to be fixed is cut and raised and a tiny perforation in the jawbone is drilled by means of a specific drill. Then a titanium implant is firmly inserted into this perforation and after that, the gum is sutured back into place over the dental implant. In case there is not enough bone material to lodge the dental implant, then a bone graft is called for, or, on the other hand, the Coventry dentist may employ slightly smaller mini dental implants.

In the span of the following six months the dental implants heal and fuse with the neighboring jawbone. All through this period, patients can carry on sporting dentures. Six months later, the gum is raised once more and then a post is fixed to the dental implant along with a provisional crown. After four to six weeks, when the adjoining gum tissue has strengthened, the last long-term restoration can be fixed to the dental implant.

Dental implants, which have a life span of around twenty years, offer a firm, long-lasting answer in cases of missing teeth.

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