Well, sealants are a very safe and painless means of safeguarding your kids’ teeth from decay. Now a sealant refers to a protective plastic covering, which is put on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth by the hygienist or dentist in Coventry. The sealant creates a firm screen that prevents bacteria and food from becoming wedged into the minute crevices in your teeth and producing decay.

Sealants are just put on your back teeth, that is, your molars and premolars.  Now these teeth are the ones that have fissures and pits on their chewing surfaces. Your dentist in Coventry will inform you which teeth have to be sealed after he has checked them, and examined whether the grooves are sufficiently deep for sealing to be of help. Certain teeth naturally grow with deep fissures, which have to be sealed, while other teeth with shallow fissures will not require sealing.

Generally, it is a simple and fast process, with each tooth requiring just a couple of minutes. The tooth is given a thorough clean, a special solution is used to prepare it, and then it is dried. Then the tooth is coated with the liquid sealant and let to harden – generally by exposing it to an ultraviolet light. It is completely painless, and later the teeth feel just the same as before.

Generally sealants last for a number of years, but your dentist in Coventry will wish to examine them on a regular basis to ensure that the seal remains undamaged. Sealants can wear off in due course of time, and at times the dentist may need to replace or put in some sealant to ensure that no rot can set in below them.

Frequently sealants are applied the moment the permanent teeth begin to become visible.  Generally this happens between ages 6-7 years. The remaining teeth are generally sealed once they emerge and this can take place any time between the ages 11-14 years.

In case you require more details regarding the treatment, check with your Coventry hygienist or dentist. They will let you know whether fissure sealing will helpful for your kids’ teeth, and whether it is the proper time to carry it out.

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