Cleaning between teeth can be done by dental tape or floss. Now flossing helps get rid of plaque and food remains from between the teeth and also beneath the gum line that cannot be accessed by a toothbrush. The right way to floss can be demonstrated to you by the hygienist or dentist in Coventry.

The below recommendations by dentists in Coventry may be useful:

* Snap off around eighteen inches of dental floss and around one of the middle fingers, coil a large part of it. Coil the dental floss left over around the other hand’s same finger.  As you make use of the dental floss, you will gather up the used part with this finger.

* Firmly grip almost an inch of dental floss between the thumb and forefingers, ensuring that there is no slack between them. Apply a light ‘rocking’ action to steer the dental floss between the teeth.  Never yank the dental floss or force it into the gums.

* Once the dental floss touches your gum line, make a C-shaped curve against a lone tooth until resistance is felt.

* Grip the dental floss against your tooth. Lightly graze the side of your tooth, directing the dental floss away from your gum. Go over the same method on the opposite side of the space, along the neighboring tooth’s side.     

* Never overlook the back of the last tooth. 

* While flossing, stick to a regular routine. Commence from the top and operate from left to the right and then go to the bottom, where once more you operate from left to the right. In so doing, you have less chances of missing out on any teeth.

Furthermore, it is extremely essential to floss around the borders of any implants, bridges or crowns. Now it can be hard to achieve this successfully by means of traditional floss, but today, there are professional flosses to thoroughly carry out the job (like super floss and professional floss threaders). Find out from your hygienist or dentist in Coventry on the right way to use these and which is the best technique to use.  

When you start to floss, there may be bleeding or tenderness of your gums in the initial 5-6 days. However, after the plaque is removed and the bacteria eliminated, this will cease. In case the bleeding continues, inform your Coventry dentist about it. It may be because you are not using the proper flossing technique or perhaps your gums and teeth require to be cleaned more thoroughly by your hygienist or dentist in Coventry.

If you face difficulty in using floss, then you can either use interdental cleaning aids or a floss holder. Now Interdental cleaning aids consist of woodsticks or little interdental brushes that help to get rid of plaque from between your teeth. The Coventry hygienist or dentist can instruct you on the right way to use them.

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