Gum disease depicts the inflammation, tenderness or the infection of tissues that support the teeth. Gum disease has two major forms: periodontal disease and gingivitis. It is widely observed and treated by Coventry dentists. Gingivitis refers to the swelling of gums. In this case, the gums surrounding the teeth turn extremely red and inflamed. Frequently the inflamed gums tend to bleed when brushing them while cleaning.

If gingivitis is present for a long time, it results in periodontal disease. Now periodontal disease is of several kinds and all of them adversely affect the tissues that support the teeth. When the severity of the disease increases, the bone, which secures the teeth to the jaw, wears off, and the teeth become loose. In case this is not checked, in due course of time the teeth may drop off, necessitating further treatment at the dental center in Coventry.

A number of people experience gum disease of some kind or the other, and it is a chief cause of lost teeth in adults. But, gum disease grows very gradually in the majority of people, and it is possible to slow it down to a degree that would let you retain, for life, a good number of your teeth.

Coventry Gum Disease Plaque

Plaque is the cause of all gum disease. Plaque is a bacterial layer, which develops daily on the teeth surface and gums. Although most of the bacteria present in plaque are not at all harmful, there are a few that have been identified as the major causal factor of gum disease. In order to check and cure gum disease, you have to ensure you get rid of all the plaque that forms on your teeth daily. This is achieved by means of brushing and flossing.

Regrettably, gum disease advances quite painlessly in general and therefore you do not become aware of the harm it is causing. Nevertheless, the bacteria are at times very active and this causes your gums to become tender. This can result in gum abscesses, and there is a possibility of pus seeping from around your teeth. In order to treat this, your dentist in Coventry will recommend taking antibiotics. Over a period of time, the bone that supports the teeth wears out. In case gum disease remains without being treated for a length of time, then it will become extremely difficult to treat it.

The initial indication of gum disease, for sure, is when blood is noticed on your toothbrush or when cleaning your mouth, you observe blood in the water rinsed out.  Besides, while eating there is a tendency for your gums to bleed, and you are left with an awful taste in the mouth. Moreover, you may suffer from bad breath.

Coventry Dentists – Gum Disease

In case you believe you have developed gum disease, what needs to be done first is to call on the Coventry dentist for a complete gums and teeth check-up. The dentist can gauge the gum cuff that surrounds each tooth to find out whether there is any indication that periodontal disease indeed has set in. In addition, x-rays too may be required to determine how much bone has been worn out. In order that the right treatment is given to you, this appraisal is extremely crucial.

The hygienist or dentist in Coventry will normally clean out your teeth thoroughly.  Also, your dentist will show how to meticulously remove plaque yourself, giving all the teeth surfaces a complete and effective clean. After your teeth are completely clean, The Coventry dentist may resolve to clean the teeth roots further, to ensure that the remaining traces of bacteria are eliminated. 

It is not possible to cure periodontal disease. But, providing you continue with the personal care that has been demonstrated to you, any further wearing out of the bone will be considerably reduced and there are chances of it stopping completely. Nevertheless, you must ensure you get rid of plaque daily, and visit your Coventry hygienist and dentist regularly for check ups.

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