The Inman Aligner is another type of orthodontic brace from Coventry Dentists which can straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. It is an alternative to the Invisalign system although it shares many of the features with that system. These include:

  • Removable brace which is easier to keep clean
  • Semi-discreet
  • Shorter treatment period than other types of braces

It is a good choice for patients who want both a cheaper option and reduced treatment time.

This custom made device consists of a metal bar that runs across the front of the teeth and a coiled spring which fits against the lingual side of the teeth. Forces are exerted by this spring on the teeth in a continuous ‘pull/push’ action which manoeuvres them into place.

The Inman Aligner can treat the following conditions:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Relapse (teeth start to move back to their original position)

This brace is limited in the range of movement and as a result of this is best suited to those cases where realignment is needed to the upper and lower front teeth only.


The benefits of this brace include:

  • No need to change aligners during the treatment period. A single aligner is used throughout the process.
  • Less costly than other types of braces
  • Shorter treatment period
  • Easy to remove and insert


This brace has a squeezing effect on your teeth albeit a gentle one. This effect occurs as a result of the pushing and pulling motions between the lingual spring and the labial bar. These motions cause the teeth to move into their desired position.

Treatment can take from as little as 6 weeks up to 16 weeks although this will depend on the amount of time you wear the brace each day.

Another relatively quick treatment is the 6-Month Smiles braces.