There are different sizes of Interdental brushes available which allows you to select the size that is best suited for you. In order to clean effectively between all the tooth spaces, you may have to use a couple of sizes. You can purchase them from the local Coventry dental center.
During a day, particles of food become wedged between the teeth as well as any spaces that may be present. Food particles if allowed to remain can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Using an Interdental brush to clean out food remains will enable you to have fresh breath. Brushing between the teeth ensures that you are, as far as possible, giving your mouth a thorough clean.

Particular areas of your mouth are not easily accessible by means of a regular toothbrush. Besides, your toothbrush cannot reach certain spaces between your teeth. However, the Interdental brush with its little filaments and minute bottle-shaped head, can be moved easily between your teeth to remove food particles and plaque that your regular tooth brush will not have eliminated.

The below procedure is suggested by dentists in Coventry:
Choose an Interdental brush of an appropriate size. You should not try to push the toothbrush between your teeth. Use a fairly fine Interdental brush to clean between your front teeth.  A twisting action glides the brush easily between your teeth. 

Take out the Interdental brush by lightly pulling it, thus ensuring that plaque and particles are removed. Go over, a number of times, the twisting action to put in and take out your Interdental toothbrush until you are certain the gap is absolutely clean. To deal with larger gaps towards the back of your mouth, an Interdental toothbrush with a larger head should be chosen. Twist the head to make a “banana curve” in order to clean your teeth effectively. This will enable you to easily access and thoroughly clean the gap.  Rinse out the brush so that you can reuse it.

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