In Coventry, root canal treatment (or endodontics) is required in case the tooth’s nerve or blood supply (called pulp) becomes infected due to injury or decay. If the pulp gets infected, then the infection spreads through the tooth’s root canal system. In due course of time, this may result in an abscess.

Now, in case root canal treatment or RCT is not done, the infection tends to spread and in the end the tooth may have to be extracted.

Root canal treatment aims to get rid of all infection within the root canal. In order to check any further damage, the root is carefully cleaned and then filled. Root canal treatment takes a lot of time to complete and calls for expert skills. Nearly all treatment courses will entail making more than one visit to your Coventry dentist.

On the initial visit, the Coventry dentist takes out the infected pulp. In case of the presence of any abscesses, they too can be drained as well. The root canal then is thoroughly cleaned and shaped and is all set for being filled. A provisional filling is placed and then the tooth is allowed to heal. On the next visit, the tooth is examined and once it is clear of all infection, the tooth is given a permanent filling.

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