Teeth whitening deals with the process of getting rid of stains from teeth as well as enhancing their color by means of a bleaching process so as to make them appear more white.

For severely stained teeth, it is possible to appreciably enhance their look by just getting an easy scale and polish procedure done by your dental hygienist in Coventry.

A good number of cosmetic dental centers in Coventry provide a blend of in-surgery instant laser teeth whitening as well as carry home teeth whitening kits with specially made trays. Both these procedures involve a bleaching process and employ a compound that is peroxide based and differs in strength (three to fifty percent peroxide). If the compound has a greater percentage of peroxide, it renders the bleaching compound stronger. This indicates it has a greater effect on whitening teeth but on the other hand there also exists an increased risk of causing harm to the adjacent gum tissue. The Coventry dentist normally employs a guard to shield the gums while carrying out this procedure. Now this is why home teeth whitening kits have low peroxide levels. The carry home teeth whitening kits offer a more lasting outcome spread over an extended time frame while laser teeth whitening provide instant results. Opting for a combination of these two whitening procedures provides the ideal answer to both instant and long-lasting teeth whitening.

Tooth Whitening Coventry Dentist

Zoom! Is by far the most well known of the multitude of brands of specialized teeth whitening procedures like BriteSmile and Opalescence, as shown on Extreme Makeover television show.
Prior to initiating any kind of tooth whitening process, the Glasgow hygienist or the dentist will systematically scour the teeth, getting rid of any tartar or ugly stains that may be present on the surface. This is generally called the scale and polish method.

The subsequent course of action will have the Glasgow dentist diligently noting down the details of the hue/tint of the teeth prior to the procedure being performed in order to display to the patient, the remarkable change that is seen once the teeth whitening procedure is duly completed. Now the details are taken down by availing of a tooth tinted shade graphic representation/guide or by having your teeth digitally photographed.

Next, the entire part is made ready for the teeth whitening procedure. Now the bleaching compound that is used for this tooth whitening procedure has an extremely great concentration of peroxide, around fifteen-fifty percent and therefore the dentist normally tends to put some kind of safeguard around the gums with the intention that it is just the teeth that are bared to the bleaching compound. This may entail casing the gums with wads of cotton or some kind of a shielding gel substance that becomes firm the moment it is smeared on the gums.

In order to ensure that the cheeks and lips do not come in contact with the teeth, cheek retractors are employed. Besides, protection for the eyes is also given to avert any harm occurring to the eyes on account of the laser utilized or due to any inadvertent spattering of the peroxide. Nowadays, most cosmetic businesses provide DVD glasses to enable the patient to view a movie while undergoing a tooth whitening treatment!

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