Cleansing of your tongue is a fast and effective way to enable you to have and keep a clean and healthy mouth.

The latest scientific studies have established the need to regularly carry out tongue cleansing in order to help decrease harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Most microorganisms tend to concentrate mainly on the back of your tongue. These microorganisms in your mouth are the prime cause of halitosis, plaque-developing bacteria and those causing gingivitis and dental decay. Hence it is imperative to cut down these microorganisms that are present in all the areas of your mouth, particularly the tongue. In order to attain maximum oral cleanliness, a tongue cleanser certainly is the perfect device to use along with a toothbrush as well as dental floss.

*Out of every ten people, nine suffer from halitosis at some point of time.

* Ninety percent off bad breath is the result of what occurs in your mouth.

* Eighty percent of bad breath stems from the inner reaches of your tongue.

* Now tongue cleansing is essential since it gets rid of harmful bacteria from within the deep crevices and furrows of your tongue’s surface, and thereby helps to attain and maintain a clean, fresh and healthy mouth.

* Using a professional tongue cleanser is considered seven times more successful in bringing down odor-producing bacteria than using a toothbrush to clean your tongue.

* Tongue cleansing in association with tooth brushing is almost 3 ½ times more successful in lessening bad breath than simply brushing your teeth.
Well, the Tongue Detox is a specifically designed device that helps achieve optimum cleansing of the tongue. It is fabricated from flexible, lightweight plastic with a twin handle that is ergonomic in design and a distinctive antibacterial and mint flavor. It is simple and safe to use, reducing the gag reflex. Now the Tongue Detox successfully eliminates odor and plaque-producing bacteria, food particles and dead cells. In addition, it gets rid of the brown or white shaded viscous tongue coating that causes bad breath.

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