Veneers are extremely fine casings of tooth-hued material (ceramic, porcelain, or composite), which are fixed with cement to the visible tooth face in order to enhance their aesthetic look. Veneers are by and large used to conceal discolored, uneven or broken and chipped teeth. People desirous of having a “star smile” opt for such treatments. There are different kinds of veneers and the Coventry dentist will recommend to you as to what fits you best.

The most widely-preferred kind of veneers are the ones made of porcelain as they are much stronger and more long lasting as compared to their composite counterparts. Moreover, porcelain veneers present a natural clear tooth-like look and have a greater stain resistance as opposed to dental composite veneers.

Customarily, the fitting of veneers is spread over two appointments with the Coventry cosmetic dentist. On the initial visit, your Coventry cosmetic dentist prepares the tooth and takes your teeth’s impression and on the second appointment, he puts in place the veneer once a dental technician in Coventry has made it. Quite a few Coventry cosmetic dentists have gone in for CAD/CAM internal ceramic studios (CEREC) that can create the veneers on location inside of an hour. Now this CEREC technology allows the dental center to provide ceramic veneers on one visit and on the same day.

The dental veneers that your cosmetic dentist in Coventry offers you will certainly be of the best quality so as to provide you with a beautiful smile. Quite a few dental centers in Coventry offer sophisticated Da Vinci veneers, sourced from California in the United States, as viewed on the extreme makeover show on television. These veneers are made in a dental laboratory certified by Da Vinci.

Now your Coventry dentist might offer you lumineers that are veneers, which are fabricated from a Cerinate ceramic material, that is patented and which are fairly thin like contact lens! In fact these lumineers are far thinner than the regular veneers. The benefit of lumineers lies in the fact that they do not require much preparation or chipping away of your present teeth, hence rendering this procedure a more swift and far less invasive as opposed to conventional veneers.

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